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There are two main reasons for a credit/debit card payment failing to go through, these are:

  • Payment declined by the bank
  • Incorrect 3D Secure data

A payment can be declined by your bank for a number of reasons, these range from unusual activity that's taken place on your card, to an incorrect expiry date. Unfortunately we don't receive any specifics from the bank as to why transactions are declined so you would need to get in touch with your bank to find the exact reason. This is common if you're not in the UK; many banks flag up credit card payments if a payment is `foreign', so it may just take a phonecall to them to let them know that you're making the payment to D9 Solutions Ltd.

Incorrect 3D secure details mean that you've entered the wrong password on the Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code page. To resolve the issue, please go back to the credit card information screen and select "Enter new card information below"

You can still use the same card as before, but the system will treat it as a new transaction, and will give you the option to re-enter the correct Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code password.

Enter new card

If you would like to know why a card transaction was declined by our system, please open a support ticket with our billing department, and they'll be able to provide you with more information.

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