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Easter Support

  • 9th August 2017
Happy Easter to all our Clients that celebrate this. Technical Support will be available on the helpdesk, as always, 24/7/365 Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday.Customer Service will be a skeleton service. 
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We've TURBO CHARGED your websites

  • 9th August 2017
Sit yourself down, strap yourself in and go take a look at your new TURBO CHARGED websites! Over the past couple of weeks we've been quietly rolling out some web server changes behind the scenes that will have dramatically decreased the load times of your websites. What's more, unlike other companies who charge you extra for this service, ...
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Introducing cPanel File Usage Limits

  • 9th August 2017
As of the 6th June 2017 we have begun to impose file usage limits on our Shared and Reseller servers. This means that each cPanel account will be able to store a maximum of 200,000 files and folders.Whilst we appreciate that this may be an unpopular move, it's a step that we've had to take to keep our Shared and Reseller servers running optimally ...
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