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I am extremely pleased with the way our company website has turned out! For the last month I was in the market for a new web designer and just couldn?t find someone that why was reliable! I was referred to Akdesigner by one of their clients; I have to say the whole process has been very easy for me. I was worried about one thing and that was, they are in the UK and I am here in the USA and I was afraid with the different time zones it would be hard to work with them, but it wasn?t! I was able to give them a few website examples that I liked and they went to work, in about 1 ? 2 days he had a layout done up for me. The whole process took about 7 days and as you can see from the link above, we have a very nice looking website now! Thank you Akdesigner?.

Greg Agri

Wow! All of his works in his portfolio is simply fantastic! I am planning to get my own tempalte from AK Designer. Get yours too!


A really good service from start to finish. They went out of their way to make sure i was happy and i've already started another project with this company. The work is great check out to see.

James O'Hara

Wow is all I can say! I have used him twice for different projects and I will use him for every other one now. Now only is his work amazing, he supports his products and his communication is great. I can't say enough good things about Ammar! Thanks again!


We have been looking for quite some time before we met a company that could create the website that we want. Including all WHMCS options included. Afterall we are very happy we choose AKDesigner to design and develop our new website. We ended up with a stunning designed website with plenty of nice details. The online endresult works perfect in any browser and on any device. The contact was very good, after every update we got informed nicely. A good experience. We are sure to choose AKDesigner again next time.


Very nice to work with, great service and very helpful. Good design!


After searching the internet for a company that specialized in web design for hosting companies, we came across We liked Ammar's portfolio and when he got back to us with a price we liked it even more so we decided to hire him. Ammar also knows how to integrate WHMCS seamlessly within your website; in fact he specializes in this so this was another BIG bonus to us. We can see now that choosing AKDesigner was the best thing we could have done for our business. Ammar's response was lightening throughout the duration of the project which meant that we could get the website finished in record time and the quality of work he produced was fantastic. After working with hundreds of web designers in several of my businesses I know that there are very few web designers who have both a great response AND produce great quality work at the same time. Ammar has both of these rare qualities which is fantastic. We will definitely be working with Ammar again in the future.

Jonny Hardwick

Working with web design company since 2009 but dealing experience with akdesigner is the best. No doubt industry leading quality and most affordable pricing. Concern with satisfaction ? It's guaranteed. Highly recommended them.

Md. Moniruzzaman

We used three times since we have been in business and has now been over ten years. In that time Syed, and his team have always have come through. I just want to give them a huge recommendation. They, operates their business with integrity and always delivers what they promise. They works hard to make sure that your vision of your web sites becomes a reality. I have worked with other designers and there was always something that they did that has made me not go back for another design. Not to mention most are out of business. Akdesigner, is trustworthy and will go above and beyond what most designers will do to deliver a great web site.

Michael Budney

Real value for money and fast turn-around

Tarak Desai

Akdesigner did an excellent job of not only designing our website, but also spent additional time making sure all the bugs were ironed out and perfected. Thanks heaps.

Taylor Kosch

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