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At AK Designer we strive to produce high quality designs to suit the customer needs.

We started providing services to our valued customers in mid of July, 2002. Providing affordable and professional designs to websites, we have only used one type of advertisement so far, "Referred by Friend". The quality of our work speaks for itself and attracts customers worldwide. We started with a team of just two people and are now working with ten dedicated designers. Over the years our designs have been evolved to bring new trends in web site designs.


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There are many reasons to choose us but few of them are mentioned below

Trusted By Over 10,000 Companies Since 2001

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We used three times since we have been in business and has now been over ten years. In that time Syed, and his team have always have come through. I just want to give them a huge recommendation. They, operates their business with integrity and always delivers what they promise. They works hard to make sure that your vision of your web sites becomes a reality. I have worked with other designers and there was always something that they did that has made me not go back for another design. Not to mention most are out of business. Akdesigner, is trustworthy and will go above and beyond what most designers will do to deliver a great web site.

Michael Budney

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